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Our products can be posted throughout Australia. Postage & Handling costs can be provided, on request.

Gift Vouchers also available.


Each candleholder is individually created using a single stave from a recycled French oak wine barrel.

They are a perfect decoration for indoor or outdoor dining; for display on mantlepieces and coffee tables; or as a romantic addition bath-side or spa-side.

WineWare Australia candleholders are:

- South Australian made
- Hand crafted
- Earth friendly
- Unique
- Versatile
- Fine quality
- The perfect gift for any occasion! 

As our candleholders are individually crafted, dimensions will vary. Approximate sizes range from 650mm to 1040mm in length and from 70mm to 100mm in width.

Candleholders are available in two sizes: 3 candles or 5 candles, and candles are available in 'white or red unscented', or 'citronella outdoor'.

Price:    3-candle Candleholder - $60
            5-candlle Candleholder - $70
            Prices include glass candleholders and candles.

Inverted Candleholder

The inverted Candleholders are created using two staves from a recycled French oak wine barrel: one as the candleholder and one as the base. Finishes available as above.

Price: 5-candle Inverted Candleholder - $125
         3-candle Inverted Candleholder - $95

Candleholders are available in a variety of finishes:
  • Walnut satin stain
  • Teak stain exterior timber oil
  • Raw
  • Black satin stain
Top to bottom:   Walnut satin stain; Teak stain exterior timber oil; Raw.

Stave Platter

Our Stave Platters are hand-crafted from the barrel staves of the French oak wine barrels. Perfect for displaying fruit or serving cheeses, sushi, baguettes - the choices are endless. 

Price - $90

Lazy Susans

Our beautiful Lazy Susans are hand-crafted from the barrel-heads of the French oak wine barrels. Available in food-safe wood dyes, either in Walnut, Dark Oak or Plain Danish Oil. Size is approximately 500mm in diameter (smaller sizes can also be ordered).

Price - With turning mechanism - from $175. Without turning mechanism - from $150.


Our unique cheeseboards are hand-crafted from the barrel-heads of the French oak wine barrels. Finished with food-safe oil. Size is approximately 500mm to 540mm in length and approximately 320mm to 400mm in width (smaller sizes can also be ordered).

Price - $140 (includes cheese knife)

Our cheeseboards and Lazy Susans have French logos applied which are the insignias of the original French barrel makers. Shown below are the three current options available. We can also personalise our products with your own designs or business logo.

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